Women’s Empowerment at the Frontline of Adaptation



Alternative Energy Promotion Center community forest user group district development committee


Department for International Development FECOFUN Federation of Community Forestry Users Nepal FGD focus group discussion GDP gross domestic product GLOF glacial lake outburst flood HICAP Himalayan Climate Change Adaptation Programme HIMAWANTI Hindu Kush Himalayas/Himalayan ICIMOD International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development IFAD International Fund for Agriculture Development INGO international non-governmental organization IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change LAPA Local Adaptation Plan of Action LI-BIRD Local Initiative for Biodiversity, Research and Development MEDEP Micro Enterprise Development Project MUS multiple water use system NAPA National Adaptation Plan of Action NGO non-governmental organization NTFP non-timber forest product REDD Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation REDD-RPP United Nations Development Programme UNDP/DRR United Nations Development Programme/Disaster Risk Reduction VDC village development committee WFDD HKH SDC Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation UNDP

Himalayan Grassroots Women’s Natural Resource Management Association

Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation Readiness Preparedness Proposal

Women Farmer Development Division (now Gender Equity and Environment Division) WOCAN Women Organizing for Change in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management WHO World Health Organization WWF World Wide Fund for Nature


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