Women’s Empowerment at the Frontline of Adaptation

ƒ ƒ Strengthen and develop women’s leadership: Identify and support rural and national-level women leaders and champions to advocate and address gender issues in climate change adaptation. Focus on strengthening youth to lead. ƒ ƒ Mainstream gender-sensitive climate change adaptation into development programming and planning: Make provision for both resources and activities specific to women in development in order to mainstream gender- sensitive climate change adaptation into development programming and planning. ƒ ƒ Research and knowledge management: Plan and undertake more applied and action research, both technical and socioeconomic, to enhance our understanding and knowledge of the impacts of climate change on poor and marginalized women. Document and disseminate the learning and knowledge generated from climate change adaptation projects. Promote specific research, such as on the: - documentation and dissemination of local and indigenous adaptation practices - socioeconomic impacts of climate change on women - needs and barriers to women’s access to climate change funds and resources and to new energy and agricultural technologies and information - effects of climate change on people’s health (particularly women) and key barriers in accessing health facilities - linkages between climate change and violence against women - impacts of disasters on women and best practices for –scaling up and scaling out.


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