Women’s Empowerment at the Frontline of Adaptation

process in Nepal: these include the recognition and validation of women’s knowledge and perseverance to maintain forest resources; the implementation of affirmative action policies of Community Forestry, and the support of male champions. Incorporating these elements into the REDD+ initiatives are critical to Nepal’s achievement of its goals for REDD+ (also see Gurung et al 2011). Inclusion of Women in National and Local Administrative Structures While Nepal has drafted and begun implementing Policies and plans on climate change and adaptation for both the short and long term, the effective implementation of these policies and plans depends on institutions potentially involved in the adaptation process. The Ministry of Environment has been designated the focal ministry for climate change activities by the government. However, the district and village development committees at the local level are still the most crucial institutions for both strategic and autonomous adaptation. The impacts of CC will affect almost every aspect of life at the local level due to high number of climate-dependent livelihoods. As a result these institutions can play a critical role in the implementation of adaptation planning that comes from ministries at the national level (See Annex 5 for more details). These local level institutions can also play a role in encouraging autonomous adaptations, especially as the system of development administration is decentralized to the village

Figure 5: Local-level administrative structure in Nepal and inclusion of women

District Development Committees (DDCs) - DDC members including chairperson and vice-chairperson elected from the district assembly - Elected representatives to the Upper and Lower Houses - Two nominated members, one of whom is a woman

District Assembly - Municipality chairperson and vice-chairpersons - VDC chairperson and vice-chairperson - One woman among six nominated members - Parliamentarians from the area

Village Development Committee - Chairperson and vice-chairpersons - Nine ward chairpersons - Two nominated members including at least one woman

Municipality - Chairperson and vice-chairperson - Ward chairpersons - Two nominated members including at least one woman

VDC Assembly -

Municipal Council -

Chairperson and vice-chairperson

Chairperson and vice-chairpersons


Nine ward chairpersons

- Ward chairpersons and ward members including at least one woman per ward - Nominated members from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 20 with at least 40 percent

- All ward members including at least one woman per ward - Six nominated members including one woman


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