The Environmental Crime Crisis

The bushmeat chain reaction

Demographic increase

Logging and Mining

Fossil fuel extraction

Hydroelectric production

Infrastructure building

Workers concentration in wildlife habitat


Weak governance

Soldiers and refugees subsistence

Hunting methods

Low or no regulation

Forest wildlife access facilitated

Firegun usage

Increasing harvest competi- tion

Cultural and social changes

All year hunting

Hunting efficency increased

Demand Increase

Lack of meat farming

Low meat productivity and higher costs of production

Deforestation and habitat loss

Plans imposed by International Finance

Absence of economic and alimentary alternatives


Commercial bushmeat hunting and species threat


Source: Redmond, I., et al., Recipes for Survival: Controlling the Bushmeat Trade , WSPA Report 2006.

Figure 3: The illicit bushmeat trade involves a series of underlying socio-economic factors, but leads, with rising population densities, to local depletions of wildlife species, and increasingly inside protected areas .


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