The Environmental Crime Crisis

Table 1: Different forms of environmental crime and their approximate estimated scale. Great uncertainties exist regarding the accuracy of the estimates . 16

Environmental crime

Annual loss of resources (US$)

Source or reviews

Illegal logging and trade

30–100 billion

UNEP/INTERPOL 2012 (10–30% of the global trade); OECD 2012

Illegal fisheries

11–30 billion

OECD 2012; MRAG og UBC 2008 (12–32% of the global trade)

Illegal extraction and trade in minerals/ mining

12–48 billion

GFI 2011; GA 2012 (Estimated as only 1–4% by industry of the global trade)

Illegal trade and dumping of hazardous waste

10–12 billion

US 2000; GA 2012

Illegal trade and poaching of plants and wildlife

7–23 billion

Wyler and Sheik 2008; GFI 2011; OECD 2012

Sum environmental crime and loss from primarily developing countries

Minus 70–minus 213 billion

Official development assistance (ODA) (2013 estimate)

Ca. 135 billion


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