Vital Ozone Graphics 3

The efforts of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol have, over the last 25 years, translated scientific realities into political decisions leading to concrete action on the ground. The expe- rience of this Protocol can act as both guide and inspiring example of the multilateral system at its best, and should help build confidence for future multilateral environmental agreements. This third, revisededitionof “Vital OzoneGraphics” shedsa light onto thedecisions takenby theParties to theMontreal Protocol to accelerate the phase out of HCFCs and the implications this hason theuseof replacement chemicals. It focuseson the links to climate both physically up in the air and on the institutional ground of international treaty negotiations and discusses the remaining challenges posed by the large amounts of banks of ozone depleting substances still present in equipment in use and stocked away, only safe for the atmosphere once entirely destroyed.

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