The Illegal Trade in Chemicals

Annex 4: Summary of mercury cases

Brazil (2018) IBAMA, Receita (customs) confiscated 430 kg mercury, importer listed a false destination. Source: apreende-430-kg-de-mercurio Brazil (2018) IBAMA, Receita (customs) confiscated 1,700 kg mercury, importer concealed the mercury. Source: receita-e-ibama-fazem-a-maior-apreensao-de-mercurio- ilegal-no-brasil-no China (2018) Hong Kong Customs seized about 660 kg smuggled mercury. Source: 051501044.htm Indonesia (2015) Indonesian customs confiscated 13.1 tonnes of cinnabar ore at Tanjung Priok Port.

Source: exporter-of-mercury-but-without-documentation/

Indonesia (2015) Indonesian customs confiscated cinnabar ore, quantity not specified. Source: and-excise-thwarts-illegal-import-and-export/ Philippines (2014) Custom authorities confiscated 360 kg mercury. Source: overnance/78864- customs-seize-china-mercury-port Mexico (2014) Mexican authorities seized 4,980 kg mercury arriving from Guatemala. Source: ladas-de-mercurio-en-comalapa/47278

The Illegal Trade in Chemicals


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