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We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to HICAP’s work and inspired the production of this Atlas: all involved staff at ICIMOD, CICERO and GRID-Arendal, the local partners, and the many officials and local actors who have contributed with knowledge and information through their participation in workshops, focus discussion groups and key informant interviews. A special thanks goes to the following persons for their contributions to HICAP modelling work on climate and water availability: Mr Bhuwan Bhatt, Bierkenes Center for Climate Research, Norway; Dr Walter Immerzeel, FutureWater/ Utrecht University, Netherlands; Dr Arthur Lutz, FutureWater, the Netherlands; Mr Wahid Palash; Dr Arif Anwar, International Water Management Institute Pakistan; Dr Usman Khalid Awan, Independent, Pakistan; Prof AK Gosain, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India; Dr Sandhya Rao, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India; Mr Tarun Knati Magumdar, Institute of Water Modelling, Bangladesh, Prof Suxia Liu, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, China; and Prof He Daming, Asian International River Centre, China.


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