The Contribution of Space Technologies to Arctic Policy Priorities

B.2.15 Nordic Cooperation on Foreign and Security Policy Nordic Cooperation on Foreign and Security Policy Facts in Brief

Jurisdiction: The Nordic Countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland Responsible Organizations: The Foreign Ministries of each national government. Status: The report was submitted jointly to the Foreign Ministers in February 2009.

Type: A study commissioned by the Foreign Ministers to develop proposals for closer foreign and security policy cooperation between the Nordic countries. The author’s work involved several visits to the Nordic capitals and talks with a wide range of people, especially politicians from both government and opposition parties and a variety of experts. Coverage: The report covers the following foreign policy areas: Peacebuilding; Air surveillance; Maritime monitoring and arctic issues; Societal security; Foreign services; Military cooperation; and Declaration of solidarity. Web link: Policy Proposal 1: A Nordic stabilisation task force should be established that can be deployed to states affected by major internal unrest or other critical situations where international assistance is desirable. Policy Proposal 2: The Nordic countries should take on part of the responsibility for air surveillance and air patrolling over Iceland. Policy Proposal 3: A Nordic system should be established for monitoring and early warning in the Nordic sea areas. Policy Proposal 4: A Nordic maritime response force should be established, consisting of elements from the Nordic countries’ coast guards and rescue services. Policy Proposal 5: A Nordic polar orbit satellite system should be established in connection with the development of a Nordic maritime monitoring system. Policy Proposal 6: The Nordic countries should develop cooperation on Arctic issues focusing on more practical matters, such as the environment, climate change, maritime safety and search and rescue services. Policy Proposal 7: A Nordic resource network should be established to defend the Nordic countries against cyber attacks. Policy Proposal 8: A Nordic disaster response unit should be established for dealing with large-scale disasters and accidents in the Nordic region and in other countries. Policy Proposal 9: A joint investigation unit should be established to coordinate the Nordic countries’ investigation of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by persons residing in the Nordic countries. Policy Proposal 10: In countries and areas where no Nordic country has an embassy or consulate general, the countries could establish and run joint diplomatic and consular missions. Policy Proposal 11: The Nordic countries should strengthen their defence cooperation on medical services, education, materiel and exercise ranges. Policy Proposal 12: A Nordic amphibious unit should be established based on existing units and the current cooperation between Sweden and Finland and, in the longer term, the unit should develop its own Arctic expertise. Policy Proposal 13: The Nordic governments should issue a mutual declaration of solidarity in which they commit themselves to clarifying how they would respond if a Nordic country were subject to external attack or undue pressure.

Policy Objectives


See Policy Proposals 1, 2, 3, 5, 11, 12 and 13 above.

Policy Implications


See Policy Proposals 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 above


See Policy Proposal 6 above.

Economic Development


Indigenous and Social Development


Capability to: yy Achieve surveillance and defense of Nordic countries yy Monitor traffic and other human activities, installations, structures yy Communicate at sea yy Monitor climate change and the environment Information on: yy Human activities, structures and installations yy Border locations yy Locations of people in distress yy Illegal activities (e.g., fishing, importation of illegal goods, etc.)

Capability Requirements

Information Requirements

B.3 Industry Interests B.3.1 Shipping – Royal Arctic Line Royal Arctic Line a/s Facts in Brief

Sector/industry: Shipping Geographic area of operations: Denmark/Greenland Status of operations: Ownership and key stakeholders: Greenland Home Rule Web link:


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