The Contribution of Space Technologies to Arctic Policy Priorities


This Appendix presents a summary of key national and EU policies/strategies relating to the Arctic. It also contains an overview of key industry interests and information needs in the North pertaining to shipping, fishing, and mining activities. B.1 National Policies B.1.1 Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands: Kingdom of Denmark Strategy for the Arctic 2011-2020 Facts in Brief Jurisdiction: The Danish Realm (Denmark, Faeroes and Greenland) Responsible Organizations: The governments of Denmark, Faeroe Islands and Greenland Status: Issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2011) Type: Government strategy Coverage: Denmark, Faroes, Greenland (North-Atlantic) Web link: Final_Web.ashx Policy Objectives yy A peaceful, secure and safe Arctic yy With self-sustaining growth and development yy With respect for the Arctic’s fragile climate, environment and nature yy In close cooperation with our international partners. The purpose of this strategy is to focus attention on the Kingdom’s strategic priorities for future development in the Arctic towards 2020. The aim is to strengthen the Kingdom’s status as global player in the Arctic.


International law must be the basis for conflict resolution. UNCLOS is mentioned as the main instrument for this. The Danish armed forces are important for enforcing sovereignty. The Kingdom will submit further continental shelf claims before the 2014 deadline. There will be overlap with other claims. Maritime safety is a fundamental priority. The extreme Arctic conditions require preventive measures including training and ship safety, as well as regional cooperation on search and rescue. High international safety standards for ships navigating the Arctic must be set. The IMO should adopt a mandatory Polar Code to ensure high safety levels. An agreement on search and rescue was adopted at the Arctic Council Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in May 2011 in Nuuk. Nautical maps must be updated. AIS will be important in the future in addition to LRIT. Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing is a serious threat to marine ecosystems which has considerable implications for conservation and rational management of marine resources. It is a huge task for small communities with large ecosystems to provide adequate expertise for the management and control of the fishery. Fishing will continue to be a very important part of the Greenlandic and Faroes economy. Mining is set to have a large role, especially in Greenland. There are expectations of a large expansion of oil and gas extraction both In Faroe and Greenlandic waters. Tourism and cruise liners create challenges and opportunities. Infrastructure is a key element in the development of the Greenland society and to ensure long term sustainable development Expectation of growth in renewable energy (primarily hydro-electric) Some Arctic communities are facing difficult social issues. To deal with adverse social trends, the emphasis on social coherence and integration is central to development in the Arctic. Enhanced Arctic cooperation could include, research, evaluation and exchange of “good / best practices” regarding infectious diseases, public health, telemedicine, a culturally attuned health service and environmental medicine.

Policy Implications



Economic Development

Indigenous and Social Development

The capability to: yy Monitor traffic, especially around Greenland yy Detect oil spills, on ocean and on ice yy Monitor ice drift, ice thickness and ice rim yy Communicate at sea yy Monitor snow, snow amount and snow intensity yy Ascertain the level of fish stocks and other biological activity

Capability Requirements

yy Monitor long range transport of pollution yy Provide telemedicine for remote areas

Information on:

Information Requirements

yy Ice and snow yy Rate of climate change yy Navigation hazards yy Ships in the area yy Potential environmental hazards.


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