Playing for the Planet

Suggested citation: Patterson, Trista & Barratt, Sam (2019) Playing for the Planet – How video games can deliver for people and the environment. UN Environment/GRID-Arendal. Arendal, Norway ISBN: 978-82-7701-1899 Acknowledgements: This assessment was commissioned by UN Environment, in partnership with GRID-Arendal, a centre collaborating with UN Environment. Sam Barratt, Chief, Environmental Education, served as commissioning editor of the project, under the overall guidance of Monika MacDevette, Deputy Director, and Susan Gardner, Director, Ecosystems Division. UN Environment would like to thank Trista Patterson, author of this report, as well as Janet Fernandez Skaalvik from GRID-Arendal, Jude Ower, Nisha Kadaba and Lou Fawcett from Playmob, as well as Cristian Mazzei, Trine Rosa and Bryan Michuki from UN Environment for their valuable research inputs. Several people provided substantive comments and support, including: Ado Lohmus (Government of Estonia), Tim Brown, Luis Rodriguez, Lara Barbier, Harald Sverdrup, Anders Nordby, and Tom Wijman. The cover and layout design was done by GRID-Arendal. Maps and graphics were produced by Nieves Lopez.

UN Environment and GRID-Arendal are grateful for the financial support provided by the Governments of Sweden and Norway.

17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were set by the UN General Assembly in 2015 and are used to structure targets and engagement.

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