Playing for the Planet

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Even the Angry Birds are being called in to help.

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon named ‘Red’, a character in the Angry Birds Movie, as UN “Honorary Ambassador for Green” to urge people to act on climate change and its adverse effects. 26

In addition to engaging users on specific themes, the gaming sector can work not just on the big issues, but also on micro-projects. Riot Games, hosts in-game fundraisers that specifically support local causes in various countries. The effort is based on the SDG’s and allows players to participate in and support local outcomes. 25 Even small investments can have big impacts. Safari Central, developed by Internet of Elephants, a video game development company based in Nairobi, uses augmented reality to bring kids closer to wildlife as they place elephants, bears and pangolins in 3D locations. With minimal marketing, the game continues to see around 10,000 downloads a month.

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