Mercury - Time to Act


“I am confident that we will deliver measurable results for human health and the environment.”

Will you – let’s say 25 years fromnow – be able to look back and say ‘mission accomplished’ on mercury?

– I am confident that through international legal action and through partnering with stakeholders, we will be able to pro- duce significant decreases in environmental levels of mercury. Inmany ways, themercury instrument has a flying start as there has been a long period of voluntary activities delivered through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Global Mercury Partnership, as well as actions taken domestically in a number of countries to address mercury pollution. Mercury is on the global radar andmany of the controls required areminor adjustments to controls already implemented to address other pollutants. Many mercury-containing products already have vi- able alternatives, and we are likely to see a dramatically shrink- ingmarket for more of themwithin the next 10 years. Of course, there are changes which will only occur over time. I am proud of the work and dedication of the international community and am confident that in the future we will deliver measurable re- sults for human health and the environment.



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