Mercury - Time to Act

Who needs to act? Governments: Ensure regulatory frameworks that promote the transition to mercury-free products, and investment in best available techniques by industries continuing to use or release mercury. Industries: Invest in cleaner and more effective techniques that do not require mercury, resulting in improved control of releases of mercury and other pollutants. Invest in and com- mercialize alternatives to mercury-added products. Intergovernmental organizations and nongovernmental organizations: Support governments in their efforts through the provision of technical assistance, capacity-building and mobilization of resources. You too, can act: Be aware that exposure to mercury occurs principally through food chain and that foetuses, infants, chil- dren, and pregnant women are the most susceptible to mer- cury exposure. Look for and use mercury-free products. Take care when disposing of mercury-containing products and ask your local authorities to provide facilities for proper disposal.

Many substitutes formercury in products and mercury processes

are available, cost- effective and safe.



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