Mercury - Acting Now!

UNEP has developed and deployed tools that enable rapid assessment of the key sources of emissions and releases at the national level. Toolkit for Identification and Quantification of Mercury Releases, UNEP 2013.

! Key messages • Assessment and inventories help focus attention on key issues at global and national level • Consistent inventory information facilitates compilation of needs at the global level

Partners contributed to the development of the 2013 UNEP Global Mercury Assessment by: • Providing scientific information and knowledge to the summary report • Developing sections of the technical background report Global Mercury Assessment 2013: Sources, Emissions, Releases and Environmental Transport, UNEP 2013 (left) and Technical Background Report for the Global Mercury Assessment 2013, UNEP 2013 (right).

Countries that have used, or been trained to use, the UNEP Toolkit to develop national inventories



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