Marine Atlas: Maximizing Benefits for Fiji

F i j i P r o v i s i o n a l E E Z B o u n d a r y

Drua island

Kia Island

Naqere Wainikoro Nadamu


Nukubanti farm site


Raviravi farm site (basa bay)

Peckham Pearls (matei naselesele)

Valili Pearl farm

Yaqaga Island

The Copra Shed

Yadua Island

Civa pearl farm site

Hunter Pearls (Vuniyasawa of savusavu)

Vanua Balavu Island


Moon Reef

Ba Tavua

Vuda Marina


Musket Cove






Royl Suva Yacht Club



The Pearl

Rewa Delta

Shark reef

A r c h i p e l a g i c B a s e l i n e


General and EEZ wide voluntary commitments

Site speci c voluntary commitments

Example sites

Plastic Pollution - Free Fiji Campaign The Incorporation of Ocean Information into the VanuaGIS Platform Introduction of a Plastic Shopping Bag Reduction Promoting Gender Equality in Sustainable Fisheries Mgt and Development in Fiji Prohibition of Destructive O shore Fishing Practices in Fijian waters Delivering Improved Coastal Fisheries Management Services in Fiji The Fiji Pearl Development Plan - Creating a Blue Industry Expansion of Large Scale Marine Managed Areas in Fiji Eco-labelling/Catch Certi cation improved in Fiji Sustainable Tourism Development Framework

One Pearl Farm in Fiji to review practices for better sustainability

Main pearl farms

Fiji Provisional EEZ Boundary Archipelagic Baseline

Conservation & Management of all Species of Sharks and Rays and their Critical Habitats within Fijian Waters Fiji Clean Boating Program, Level 3 International Clean Marina Certi cation & International Fish Friendly Accreditation

Shark Reef and corridor (Bull and Tiger Sharks) Rewa Delta (Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks)

Populated places

Main marinas

Capital city

The Conservation and Management of Sea Turtles within Fijian waters

High density examples of more than 40 main turtle nesting sites


50 km

Integrated Coastal management to Preserve Ecosystems Services, Climate Resilience and Sustain Livelihoods in Fiji Protection of Groupers and Coral Trouts Spawning Aggregation Sites across Fijian Reef Systems

Example main Grouper and Coral Trout spawning aggregation sites

Copyright © MACBIO Map produced by GRID-Arendal

Provincial model trials of Integrated Coastal Management in RA and Bua Provinces

Sources : Becker et al, 2009; Brunnschweiler, 2010; Claus et al, 2016; Jupiter S, et al, 2012; Merewalesi L, et al, 2011; Natural Earth, 2016; Oremus, et al, 2013; Cara M, et al, 2016; Pollett S, 2015; Sadovy Y & Ramoica M, 2015; Smith and Sandwell, 1997; UNOC, June 2017; WCS, 2009.

Vatu-i-Ra Seascape as main breeding and calving area for humpback whales Moon Reef as example of dolphin sites

Protection and Management of all Marine Mammal Species in Fiji

Scaling up locally managed marine areas to 100% of Fiji's customary marine areas

Extent of qoliqoli (traditional shing grounds)




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