Marine Atlas: Maximizing Benefits for Fiji

MANAGING The marine and coastal ecosystems of Fiji’s waters provide benefits for people in and beyond Fiji. To better understand and improve the effective management of these values on the ground, Pacific Island countries, including Fiji, are in- creasingly building institutional and personal capacities for planning and management.

grounds). In addition, Fiji has made strong national commitments to effectively manage its marine resources, which are embedded in regional and international efforts and commitments, such as the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, the United Nations Oceans Conference in support of the 2030 Agen- da for Sustainable Development and the Pacific Oceanscape Framework. These management efforts can be effectively supported by marine planning efforts.

To maximize benefits from these marine values for Fiji, national and regional stakeholders are working together to document effective approaches to sus- tainable marine resource management and conser- vation. This chapter encourages stakeholders to share tried and tested concepts and instruments more widely throughout the Oceania region.

However, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, as Pacific Islanders possess centuries of traditional management knowledge. Coupled with scientific approaches and lessons learned, this knowledge can strengthen effective management of the re- gion’s rich natural capital. The maps in this chapter showcase marine man- agement in Fiji that starts at the local level, based on the management of iqoliqoli (traditional fishing

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