In Dead Water


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Jill Jäger Sustainable Europe Research Institute, Vienna, Austria


The large number of people who provided assistance, material and constructive criticisms to earlier versions, in particular we would like to mention Jill Jäger and Jake Rice. PHOTO CREDITS 1,3 iStockphoto/Tammy Peluso 4 iStockphoto/Martin Strmko 6 iStock- photo/Alexandra Draghici 7 iStockphoto/Wolfgang Amri 8-9 iStockpho- to 9 iStockphoto 10-11 iStockphoto 13 iStockphoto/Miguel Angelo Silva 14 iStockphoto/Yali Shi 16 iStockphoto/Klaas Lingbeek van Kranen 17 iStockphoto/Thaddeus Robertson 20 iStockphoto 21 iStockphoto 23 iS- tockphoto/Martin Strmko 24-25 iStockphoto/Martin Strmko 25 Chris- tian Nellemann 25 Christian Nellemann 26 iStockphoto/Philip Puleo 26 iStockphoto/Thomas Shortell 27 iStockphoto/Maxime Vige 27 iStock- photo/Haider Yousuf 34 iStockphoto 35 iStockphoto/Tammy Peluso 36 iStockphoto/Vadim Rumyantsev 42 iStockphoto/Frank van den Bergh 44 iStockphoto 46 iStockphoto/Judith Bicking 46 iStockphoto/Chet Mitchell 47 iStockphoto 47 iStockphoto 48 OCEANA/Juan Cuetos 49 OCEANA/Mar Mas 49 OCEANA/Juan Cuetos 49 OCEANA/Juan Cue- tos 50-51 iStockphoto/Tammy Peluso 56 iStockphoto/Simon Gurney 56 iStockphoto/Martin Strmko 58 iStockphoto/Martin Bowker 58 iStock- photo/Shawn Harris 59 iStockphoto/Martin Strmko 63 iStockphoto

Ole-Gunnar Støen University of Life Sciences, NO-1432 Ås, Norway,


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