GRID-Arendal: Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Strategic Plan 2018–2021 GRID-Arendal

We live in a rapidly changing world. Institutions and traditional ideas of governance and top-down decision making are being challenged by new arrangements, technologies and players. Globalization has brought an increased understanding that we live in a connected world. We recognize that many of the new challenges we face require collective action. Although countries are important contributors, ideas and solutions are increasingly coming from partnerships between civil society, business, academia and other actors. Forming partnerships based on the recognition of mutual interest and common cause is a hallmark of GRID-Arendal’s approach.

GRID-Arendal wants a healthy planet with healthy people. Our work is motivated by the fact that human beings are stretching the limits of the planet’s finite resources. The consequences of overconsumption and population growth confront us daily. Climate change, biodiversity loss, resource depletion and other environmental problems threaten human security at a global scale. The burden of rapid environmental change often falls on the most vulnerable people in poorer nations who are struggling to lift themselves out of poverty. Marginalization, environmental degradation and conflict often go hand in hand and threaten fundamental human rights and the ability of countries to meet the Sustainable Development Goals agreed to by the United Nations in 2015. This reality guides everything we do and is the source of our determination to help make the world a better place.

Mission Our mission is to support environmentally sustainable development through the environmental work of the UN and other partners by communicating information that strengthens environmental management capacity and motivates decision-makers to act. Vision Our vision is for a society that understands, values and protects the environment on which it depends. Values GRID-Arendal embraces the core values of the United Nations: integrity, professionalism and respect for diversity.

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