GRID-Arendal Annual Report 2014

Marine and Coastal Resources

Mercer,J., T. Kurvits, I. Kelman and M. Stavros. 2014. Ecosystem-Based Adaptation for Food Security in the AIMS SIDS: Integrating External and Local Knowledge. Sustainability 2014, 6(9), 5566-5597.

AGEDI. 2014. Building Blue Carbon Projects – An Introductory Guide. Published by AGEDI. Produced by GRID-Arendal. carbon-homepage-2/document-inventory/?download- info=building-blue-carbon-projects-an-introductory-guide Harris, P.T., M. Macmillan-Lawler, J. Rupp, and E.K. Baker. 2014. Geomorphology of the Oceans. Marine Geology, Volume 352, pp 4–24. http://www.sciencedirect. com/science/article/pii/S0025322714000310 Lutz, S.J. and A.H. Martin. 2014. Fish Carbon: Exploring Marine Vertebrate Carbon Services. Jointly produced by GRID-Arendal and Blue Climate Solutions and published by GRID-Arendal. ISBN: 978-82-7701-146-2. http:// Neumann, C. 2014. Marine Fish and Shellfish Farming. Chapter 3 in UNEP Yearbook 2014, pp 18-23. http://www. Mavrogenis, S., I. Kelman, J. Mercer, and T. Kurvits. 2014. Comparing tools and methodologies for climate change adaptation in Small Island Developing States [SIDS]. Kelman_Mercer_Kurvits.pdf

GRID-Arendal also contributed to:

Ajonina, G. J., G. Kairo, G. Grimsditch, T. Sembres, G. Chuyong, D. E. Mibog, A. Nyambane and C. FitzGerald 2014. Carbon pools and multiple benefits of mangroves in Central Africa: Assessment for REDD+. 72pp. ISBN: 978-92-807-3426-3 (production and layout). http://www. Blue solutions from Asia and the Pacific: regional forum on solutions for oceans, coasts and human well-being in Asia and the Pacific, Cebu, Philippines (in its capacity as a partner in Blue Solutions). publication-blue-solutions-asia-pacific Herr, D., E. Trines, J. Howard, M. Silvius and E. Pidgeon (2014). Keep it fresh or salty. An introductory guide to financing wetland carbon programs and projects. Gland, Switzerland: IUCN, CI and WI. ISBN: 978-2-8317-1700-5. an-introductory-guide-to-financing-wetland-carbon- programs-and-projects


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