Combating Poaching and Illegal Logging in Tanzania: Voices of the Rangers-Hands-on Experiences from the Field

succeed without being disrupted or apprehended. In the case of timber, destruction goes far in game reserves. Most forest reserves nowadays do not have good and large amount of timber. Poachers tend to steal from game reserves trees such as Pterocarpus angolensis (hardwood), Afzelia species, Brachystegia spiciformis, Pterocarpus tinctorius and many more indigenous trees. In many forest reserves, tree populations for timber are scarce and have too low a quality to suit the market.”

Forest Reserve, Maisome Island Forest Reserve, Geita Forest Reserve, Mkweni Forest Reserve, Usindakwe Forest Reserve, Nyamagwangala Forest Reserve, Kasindaga Forest Reserve, Ruiga Forest Reserve and Kome Forest Reserve. The abovementioned forest reserves are highly affected by the production of charcoal and timber. In game reserves, there is destruction due to charcoal making, but most of it occurs in peripheral areas. Due to patrols going on consecutively, it is difficult for illegal loggers to process charcoal and

Tree cut illegally by loggers for harvesting honey in Ugalla Game Reserve, September 2015


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