Combating Poaching and Illegal Logging in Tanzania: Voices of the Rangers-Hands-on Experiences from the Field

Rangers from Ugalla Game Reserve and Friedkin Conservation Fund after training which includes tracking, crime-scene management, survival skills and first aid, Ugalla Game Reserve, September 2015

and overwhelmingly positive feedback to instructors. This includes feedback from experienced rangers in the game reserves. All training has been carried out in full coordination with either Mweka or Pasiansi, and with the approval at all times of managers of the parks/reserves and the APUs, as well as that of the Director of Wildlife.

Among the students trained at Pasiansi and Mweka have been rangers from different protected areas, including Wildlife Management Areas and Forest Reserves. The training has included individual rangers and game wardens from Ugalla, Rungwa, Maanzoni APU, Selous, Piti, Lukwati, Iringa, Tarangire, Rubondo, Iluma, Ilunga, Moyowosi/Kigosi and Maswa. The field-training courses have varied in duration from 3 to 12 days, focusing primarily on a theoretical and practical introduction to tracking and crime-scene management. In 2015 and 2016, some training in first aid and land navigation has also been added. These field-training courses have been in addition to the curriculum given at Pasiansi Wildlife Institute, which only offers one hour per year of tracking and crime-scene management. The extra training has been funded by GRID-Arendal in order to ensure that these critical techniques are taught more comprehensively than in the government-controlled curriculum at Pasiansi. In total 1,728 personnel have received training at Pasiansi. Individuals who have received the training have given on-the-spot informal


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