Blue Economy: Sharing Success Stories to Inspire Change

Sharing Success Stories to Inspire Change Blue Economy


Figure 1: Graphical representation of issues mentioned during the first MSSD online consultation (April-May 2014) Table 1: List of GEF Small Grants Green Economy projects in Barbados financed in 2014 Figure 2: The geographic area of the Norwegian Marine Management Plans Figure 3: Framework used in the development of the management plans Figure 4: Overview of areas for Norwegian Marine Management Plans and sampling stations collected by MAREANO since 2006 Figure 5: Vulnerable biotopes plotted over shaded relief bathymetry Figure 6: Coral reefs mapped by MAREANO, in the Hola marine protected area Figure 7: 3D illustration of coral mounds on the Sula Ridge Figure 8: Imagery from Synthetic Aperture Sonar, showing a coral mound and numerous trawl marks Table 2: Transformative Changes achieved by the TRY Association Figure 9: Mangroves planted from propagules by TRY in October 2011, surviving and growing, two years later Figure 10: TRY’s integrated approach to sustainable fisheries livelihoods Figure 11: Average Fecal Coliforms at 15 Tanbi & Western Region sites 2010–2013 Figure 12: Average size of oysters from Abuko and Lamin market samples over the four month open season


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