Blue Economy: Sharing Success Stories to Inspire Change

UNEP Regional Seas Report and Studies No. 195

Project Team and Chapter Authors

Editors: Tanya Bryan, Christian Neumann, Trista Patterson – GRID- Arendal

Mediterranean: Julien Le Tellier, Plan Bleu - Regional Activity Centre

Seychelles: Olivier Bodere - Ministry of Environment and Energy

Norway: Cecilie von Quillfeldt - Norwegian Polar Institute (Integrated Management Plans section) Terje Thorsnes - Geological Survey of Norway (MAREANO section)

Barbados: Travis Sinckler - Government of Barbados

The Gambia: Fatou Janha - TRY Oyster Women’s Association

Blue Economy

Sharing Success Stories to Inspire Change

Madagascar: Garth Cripps - Blue Ventures

UNEP, 2015, Blue Economy: Sharing Success Stories to Inspire Change .

ISBN: 978-92-807-3502-4

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