Blue Economy: Sharing Success Stories to Inspire Change

Sharing Success Stories to Inspire Change Blue Economy

regional innovation and specificity. Because of its expertise and its close partnerships with many stakeholders in the Mediterranean, Plan Bleu was tasked, by the MAP Secretariat and the MCSD, with consulting stakeholders in order to gather their expertise and experiences in preparation for a new MSSD. Process and Results The MSSD Review 11 was initiated with a widespread online consultation that involved an assessment of the initial MSSD (2005–2015), as well as the issues and the vision for the new MSSD (2016–2025). A consultation document 12 aimed at guiding the participants in formulating relevant objectives for the sustainability of the Mediterranean region was created. The

results indicated the need for a structure to better consider cross-cutting approaches, as well as tools that more effectively interlink the environment and development concerns. As a result of stakeholder consultations and MCSD Steering Committee meetings, one of the six priority objectives of the new MSSD is to facilitate a “Transition towards a Green and Blue Economy in theMediterranean region” . The region is facing socioeconomic inequalities between and within countries, high unemployment especially for youth and women, unsustainable

11. 12. Consultation_Document.pdf

Figure 1: Graphical representation of issuesmentioned during the firstMSSDonline consultation (April–May 2014)


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