Annual Report 1998

New web products

External web sites:


Two major features were created for the ‘Gateway to the Arctic ‘web site 1 which GRID-Arendal hosts for the International Arctic Environment Data Directory (ADD). A new user inter- face was created at the beginning of the year to facilitate access to the data directory and to background informa- tion about the project. Later in the year individual country web page templates were created so that institu- tions in the participating Arctic coun- tries could maintain their own data directory homepages. A new homepage 2 was created for The Standing Committee of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region. The web site features background information, news relating to past and future conferences, and profiles of Arctic Parliamentarians. A large section of the web site features a compilation of sustainable develop- ment initiatives, programs, policies and organisations that contribute to sustainable development in the Arctic. Work continued throughout the year to support the Environment Informa- tion Systems in Sub-SaharanAfrica (EIS-SSA ) web site 3 . Along with a new, simplified user interface, cases of ‘best practices’ of environmental infor- mation systems publications and new issues of the EIS-SSA newsletter were added to the site. EIS-SSA A new homepage was created for REDUCE 4 . The objective of this European project is to help reduce the use of chemicals that are dangerous to health, environment and safety. The site features information about the project, how individuals can get involved and presents the information in English, Norwegian, German, Spanish, Italian, and Danish. Arctic Parliamentarians Homepage REDUCE


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