Annual Report 1998

Board of Directors

Statement of Accounts 1998 in NOK

Leif E. Christoffersen Chairman of the GRID-Arendal Board [1990-2002]

Hans Alders Commissioner of the Queen Province of Groningen Netherlands [1995-2002]

Daniel van R. Claasen Chief, EIN/DEIA, UNEP [1999-2002]

Øystein Dahle Board Chairman of the World Watch Institute Norden [1999-2002]

Lars-Erik Liljelund Director Dept. of Natural Resources, The Environmental Protection Agency, Sweden [1991-1998] Hanne Petersen Director Dept. of Arctic Environment, National Environmental Research Agency, Denmark [1996-2002] Odd Rogne Executive Secretary International Arctic Science Per Wramner Director General Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Sweden [1999-2002] Anu Pärnänaen-Landtman Environmental Co-ordinator Dept. for Development Co- ordination, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland [1998-2002] Committee [1990-2002] Domingo Jiménez-Beltrán Executive Director European Environment Agency [1996-1998] Takahiko Hiraishi Assistant Executive Director Division of Environmental Information and Assessment, UNEP [1996-1998] Section of Environmental Assessment, Norwegian Pollution Control Authority [1999-2002] Kari Elisabeth Fagernæs Head of Section

Funding Sources 1998 in NOK


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