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Established in 1989 as a non-profit foundation under Norwegian law, GRID-Arendal’s mission is to create environmental knowledge that encourages positive change. We do this by organising and transforming available environmental data into credible, science-based information products, delivered through innovative communication tools and capacity building services targeting relevant stakeholders. GRID-Arendal works closely with United Nations Environment, other UN agencies and partners around the world to connect science to policy. Our goal is to shorten the distance between the emergence of new science and policy actions. We seek to influence thinking and action at the level of the global community on issues that require collective efforts because many problems cannot be solved at the national level alone.


GRID-Arendal would like to acknowledge the support of the Government of Norway and its other funders, partners and supporters.


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Action to make mine waste dams safer Participatory mapping in Vietnam On the coast of West Africa Helping Vanuatu and France hold historic meeting Blue Carbon Success in the Caspian Sea And Caspian sturgeon better protected Marine plastic pollution in the Arctic Marine litter – research, not talking trash Sanitation and wastewater in Africa IW:LEARN Moving mountains (onto the agenda)

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